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The 2013 Denver Dumb Friends League Furry Scurry was a tremendous success!

The Furry Scurry in Denver is a local nonprofit event that we had the honor of being a part of this year. The Dumb Friends League Furry Scurry is an annual two-mile walk for animals that took place at Denver’s Washington Park on Saturday May 4th. It is the Dumb Friends League’s largest annual fundraiser, with more than 12,000 people and 5,000 dogs joining us for the walk and raising funds for the homeless pets in our care.’” Read more about the Furry Scurry here at their website


A furry friend supporting the Denver Dumb Friends League

A furry friend supporting the Denver Dumb Friends League

Impact Distribution Marketing used print brochure distribution to help spread the word about the Furry Scurry. We coordinated a multi-channel campaign and distributed brochures, posters, and thank you cards to 3000 area restaurants fitness centers, pet-related shops and other retail establishments.

Start Line at the 2013 Furry Scurry
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