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Getting Dirty Can Be So Good

Do you like to get dirty and run through strange and unusual obstacles?  If so, you’re the perfect fit for a mud run. The only thing better than crawling through mud and leaping over fire, is doing it all for a cause. Obstacle races have exploded in popularity, with hundreds popping up all over the country. Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, Spartan Sprint, Swamp Dash Bash, & Muddy Mama are all mud runs created to support a cause.


For the past 10 years, mud runs have dramatically increased in popularity, with more and more new events showing up. Although this new generation of running events is obviously more festive than most of the traditional running events, mud runs can also be far more challenging and generally require more strength and endurance. We find that most of these mud runs can range anywhere from 3 to 14 miles.

Because of the growing popularity of these events, they have become a great platform to raise funds for charity. A portion of all the registration proceeds goes directly to a charity chosen by the event organizers. The websites for these muddy events usually contain links to the nonprofits they are raising money for. You can make donations directly from their site and some will assist you and your team in raising funds by providing custom fundraising pages and links for social media websites.


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