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Find New Participants for your Upcoming Events

For most nonprofit events such as a run, walk, or ride it can be difficult to find new people to participate. How does an organization reach out to find them? There is a strong correlation between better fundraising performance and growth in gift count. This is extremely important for any nonprofit. This relationship reinforces the need to drive participation for your event in order to maximize fundraising results.

If you are looking for a 40-something woman with disposable income who enjoys fitness and endurance activities, where would you look?  The gym! This is the profile of an ideal donor, registrant, or participant in a walk, run or ride type of event.  We can reach them through our digital signage network.  Digital signage is a form of electronic display that shows television programming, menus, information, advertising and other messages.

Impact Distribution Marketing offers digital signage marketing to our customers. We have over 500 screens in premiere athletic facilities nationwide. We offer digital signage advertising in college fitness facilities, LifeTime Fitness, and other general fitness facilities such as the YMCA. Your local digital signage advertising could actually reach up to 51,000 different fitness enthusiasts and possible donors, registrants and participants.

An example of some digital signage we have done


This ad is placed in different fitness facilities and is making thousands of impressions.

So what is your organization doing to increase participation for events? Many participants are likely to become fundraisers for your organization and cause. You can’t go wrong with advertising in fitness facilities on digital signage displays. Think of how many of these you have seen. Now think about the impact your organization can have by using them.

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