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Does your brochure design attract DONORS??

Is your brochure captivating at first glance? Is there a call to action? Does the cover tell a story or is it just branding? Does it draw people in, make them pick up the brochure and find out more? How good is your brochure design?

When you distribute brochures to create awareness for your fundraising campaign, your primary objective is to have people to pick them up and read them.  You need to convey your story in an instant, and often with a single image.  If you don’t get the cover right, the rest of the brochure is like the proverbial tree falling in a forest that no one ever hears.

The first glance at the brochure has to communicate a story to the viewer in less than a second. The cover of a brochure has to say something truly compelling with few words, if any. Think of a Steve Jobs slide presentation and how he could grab an audience with beautiful images and very sparse text.

Let me offer an example with the St. Jude’s image below…

St. Jude Dream Home Give Away

One look at those kids and I’m drawn in.  I don’t need any words.  I don’t even need to know the story behind those kids.  It’s so obvious that they are on a journey that I know I’ll never understand but I instantly want to lend a helping hand.

Be honest with yourself…are you telling the same quality of story with the front flap of your marketing brochures?


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